Baycom is Mid-Michigan's wireless headquarters, featuring phones from Verizon Wireless, Nextel, and Metro PCS.
Baycom provided me with a Verizon AirCard and service so I will be able to keep this website up-to-date throughout the trip.

Cameesa is a website where artists submit shirt designs and people can support designs they like and earn money on each shirt sold.
Cameesa is currently running Operation RunSomeMore, a call to artists to design Movement-Themed shirts that once funded will raise money for MS.

Spencer's Route 46 restaurant on Gratiot Rd. in Saginaw, MI hosted a welcome home fundraiser for MS to celebrate my completion of the journey.



Thank you to these very special people who gave me a place to stay along my journey:

Dave and Deepa Pinkney (Boston, MA); Rich Droser, Jake, Isaac, and Mike (Northampton, MA); Joe, Dylan, and Donna (Crowne Plaza, Pittsfield, MA); Joe (Crowne Plaza, Albany, NY); Ethan Waldman (Schenectady, NY); Jason Creps and Mary Zuccaro (Syracuse, NY); Nikki Bell (Rochester, NY); Aki Osada (Buffalo, NY); Dorothy Butala (Erie, PA); Johnny Glase (Madison, OH); Jonas and Kim Daunoravicius ("Dundee"/Canton, MI); Jillian, Rachel, Kathryn, Jessica, Audra, Margaret, and Jessica (Ann Arbor, MI); Todd and Katie Emaus (Ann Arbor, MI); Kristie and Michelle Magalski, and Kevin (Portage, MI); Darrin Tracy (Chicago, IL); Reid Bronson (St. Louis, MO); Brad Novak (Chesterfield, MO); The Migliara Family (Waynesville, MO); The Gibbs Family (Springfield, MO); The O'Sullivans (Tulsa, OK); Sara Quintana (Albuquerque, NM); Bob Rutter (Sedona, AZ); Bonnie Tobey (Prescott Valley, AZ); Eli Busen (Los Angeles, CA).


A very big thank you from myself and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society to all of these people for donating to the cause:

Dina Wolf, Bridget Terese Teofilo, Beth LeBlanc, Kathleen Kolhagen, Courtney Martin, Akihiko Osada, Matthew Lechel, Jake Berkobien, Zachary Olds, Bridget Terese Teofilo, Mary Benes, Christine LaBash, Mark Thomas, Karolyn Knutson, Kamil Chmielewski, Bridget Terese Teofilo, Larry R Peters Jr., Gary H Adelman, Virginia K Marx, Christine Davis, Joel Donoghue, Brie Clark, Jessica Kron, Kimberly A. Bilinsky, Kathi Hudson Tobey, Ann M Fairchild, Paula H Cortner, Karen Richards, Christine Davis, Todd Hart, brent fairchild, Cameesa dot com, Kyle Mulka, Bob Helm, Brett Baker, Maureen wimsatt, Steve Horny, Nancy Novak, Laura K Povlich, Keri Lynn Smith, Amanda Graor, David and Gail Bender, Michelle Horny, Dan Digmann, John Mrjenovich, Kristie Magalski, Doreen Marie Peterson, Stephanie Newell, Pangaja Paramsothy, Chad Cunningham, Sunil Arora, Emily S Queenan, Alex Rutkowski, Lindsey Lieto, Jeff Grimm, Terry Ann Povlich, Sarah Barr, Christine Qing Shen, David Wong, David Pinkney, Jennifer Marie Daniels-Johnstone, Nha Phan, Colleen Coughlin, Reid C Bronson, Mark Ascione, Justin Washburn, Megan Maday Harbin, Patricia Neugent, Caitlin McCarthy, Rebecca Stoloff, Ali Lyon, Judy Schattner, Laurie Gould, Jeffrey Schattner, Rob Duda, Sara Quintana, Cheryl Wadhwa, Matt Byom, Francis Szalay, Karan Patel, Henry Pinkney, Jennifer Helmreich, Yvette Michels, Katherine Gruber, Ann M Fairchild, Tatsu Osada, Latha Mellentine, Darrin Tracy, Katie L Ema.

The journey may be over, but it's never to late to donate to the MS Society. Please donate. No amount is too small! Thank you!


RunSomeMore - Joe's Run Across America for MS 

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