Day 195
Feb 18

The Waking Journey

Wow, it’s been a while since I wrote one of these things, thanks everyone for being so patient.  The last couple weeks have really flown by, and here I am only three days away from the finish line! I passed through the entire state of Arizona and most of California since my last post, so maybe that is a good place to start.

Arizona is an amazing state.  I still can’t wrap my head around how beautiful the scenery is there.  Not only is it pretty, it varies so wildly and quickly too.  In just one day (30 miles) I went from2 feet of snow in the mountains of Flagstaff to the green plant life and scenic red rock formations of Sedona.  That evening I was disappointed when looking through all of the pictures I took; none of them came close to capturing the beauty I saw.  And if I can’t capture it in pictures, I won’t even bother with words.

The picturesque landscape wasn’t my only reward in Sedona though.  For the second time on my trip I encountered someone with a book I was currently reading.  This time it was Power vs.  Force, a book about consciousness and human behavior I had stumbled across when thumbing through psychology books at Borders.  Noticing that book on my host’s bookshelf served as an ice breaker for some very interesting and rewarding conversations over the course of the night.

I stayed with Bonnie and Bob again two nights later in Prescott Valley, and in the spirit of our previous conversations about the search for meaning and enlightenment, we went to see a performance by a group called Here 2 Here that performs in a wide variety of genres with lyrics inspired by higher consciousness.  After the show, we talked to one of the singers and the subject of my trip came up.  He said that the name of their tour is “The Waking Journey”, which many people confuse as “walking journey” and they have been asked multiple times if they are walking between all of the destinations on the tour.  Now they can tell their fans that they have indeed encountered someone on a walking journey.

I don’t know what to expect to feel when I reach the Pacific in three days, or when I catch my first glimpse of the ocean in the distance.  I do know though that when I reach it my journey will be over, but it certainly doesn’t feel like that.  Many people have told me that this will mark an amazing accomplishment, or will likely be the greatest experience of my life.  As nice as that sounds, I certainly hope they are wrong.  I’m young, and like to think I have a long life ahead of me, and if this is as good as it gets then it must mean I didn’t try hard enough for the last two thirds of my life.  I’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of my spiritual side.  When I reach that pier in three days the walking journey will end, but my waking journey is only just beginning.

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