I have walked across the US!!!!

Hi, my name is Joe Fairchild, and I crossed the country on foot to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis. I left Boston on 8/8/2009, and reached the Santa Monica Pier on 2/20/2010!

The journey was an incredible experience, which I tried to share with others through my blog and pictures.

Books I Read Along the Way

For me, the journey was mostly about discovering my own self and spirituality. In addition to the hours of reflection spent alone on the road, I explored philosophy, psychology, and buddhism by reading the following books:

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Days on the road: 197

Miles run: 3,481

See a bigger version of the Route Map.


$ 25,000
Total raised so far:
$ 9,000.00
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Donations benefit the National Multiple Sclerosis Society



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